Monday, February 15, 2010

It's been an increadibly long time since the last post. We've moved, Jym has gotten promoted to Principal, and we've learned that Raegan is going to have a baby brother in JUNE! Jym's promotion has been good to us, other than the fact that he has to go back to school to get his masters. He's doing great! We had our 20 week sono appt. a couple of weeks ago and learned that our new little addition is going to be a BOY! We are so excited to have one of each. It will be so much fun, and work... lol.. More is to come... just a quick update.... Hope all is going great for everyone!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's bee FOREVER since I've written here. Tons of things have happened in the "break." Raegan can now crawl, which is, sadly, almost Old news. She is trying SO SO SO Hard to walk. She walks from one thing to the other while hanging on with only one hand. We've gotten new pictures of her.. (posted on the side.) We've even taken her to San Antonio, yet again, this time for a family wedding. She is growing way to increadibly fast for her momma own liking.

Jym's girls' team made the regional b-ball tournament again this year, for the 3rd year in a row. But they lost the opening round game by 1 point. It was such a heart breaker. It sure did make going to the State Tournament to watch feel completely different. He's now well into track, and he and Bonnie have big plans for this year as well. He is coaching a Future A&M Aggie Trackster.

Nothing new is going on the My life... not really... I am still working at the hospital here in town... Still HATING all the call-backs I have... but hey... they help pad a paycheck up here and there. We get to go up to the panhandle for the Family's Easter Celebration this year. I am SO completely excited. It's been over a year since I've seen some of my family members. It will be so fun.

Hope all is going great with every one!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A catch-up!

WOW! Has it really been that long since I've written?!?! lol... Well, in the time I haven't been writting, Raegan has gotten, and recovered from her first ear infection... which led to her first 2 teeth!!! YEAH!! Both came through the gums on the same day. Her chewing and drooling hasn't stopped, but I think she may be working on her top two! She had her 6 month appt. and all is great!! She is now in the 90% for her height!! Which, of course, you know makes her Daddy VERY proud, but makes it hard for her momma to dress her in a dress that fits... they are either too short and fit in the waist, or are just right in length and are too big around... hmmm... lol.. We've taken her 6 month pictures, and they are great!! (Posted on the side.) She is just growing like a weed every day it seems. We received a TON of Hand-me-down clothes from my cousin Karen. THEY ARE AMAZING! Raegan has SO MANY clothes now that her "Pa" had to add hanging bars to her closet when they were here for Thanksgiving. I think she now officially has more clothes and shoes than her momma! Look out Dad... you're gonna have your hands full with your girls!

I am currently trying to get Christmas cards printed... Yeah, I decided to be a DIY'er and print them on my own... we'll see how long that idea lasts! It may end up being the death of me! Jym and his basketball girls are well into their season these days, and have a current record of 11-2. They are doing great! Raegan isn't quite into the basketball as she was the football, but she does enjoy it. I just think it will take a while to get used to the extra action and noise that are a little more confined to her "area."

Work is going pretty good also. I've decided that I don't necessarily like taking call all that much, but hey... it's gotta be done, and it is extra money on that check every two weeks! HA! Gotta put some kind of positive spin on it all. Hard to believe its been this long since I've written and this is all I have to "Catch-up" on... HA! Maybe the Dennis Family isn't so interesting after all! Hope this finds you all doing WONDERFUL!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Just posting an update here tonight. We found out that our nephew's cancer is T-Cell Lymphoma.... or Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He has already started his chemo. It is just good to have all the test results back so he can know what he is for sure fighting. Still asking for your prayers for him.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayers Please!!

I am just asking for everyone's thoughts and prayers for our family in the coming months. We just found out tonight that our nephew has been diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia. It began with what Doctors thought was just basic pneumonia. They are going to give him some powerful steroids and if that doesn't help enough, or any, they will start him on Chemo. It just breaks my heart for him... He is so young... So much life ahead of him. He is currently at Cook's Children's Hospital for his treatments.

Jym's little cousin, born at 24 weeks gestation, is also at Cook's Children's Hospital for heart surgery. When he was born, he had a small hole in his heart and the steroids they gave him to help it close up on it's own didn't help. He has to have surgery to go in and close this small hole up. This could be a risky procedure for him, seeing as how he is SO TINY.

And... Another of Jym's cousins is in San Antonio having surgery on his back. He had the first of 2 or 3 surgeries today, lasting from 8-ish this morning to around 6-ish tonight. He is expected to be fine, but with surgery matters it never hurts to have a little prayer and lots of support on your side.

I just wanted to post this to ask you all to PLEASE keep our family in your thoughts and prayers while we are all going through this trying time. Thank-you all... Hope all is great elsewhere!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New, New, New!!

Hello All...

It's been a long while since I've written... The life of a working Mom is BUSY! lol.. Well.. I started work at the Hospital in Brady last Tuesday. It is going pretty great. Other than having to leave Raegan at the babysitter. Jym and I completely lucked out and she gets to stay at the daycare at the school with Jym.. It is WONDERFUL!! It is pretty cheap... Great Sitter... and Best of All.... Raegan has her Daddy there if she needs him. And he gets to visit her during his lunch break! I LOVE IT! Raegan has a few "new" things in her life other than the daycare! As of 10.11.2008 and 10.28.2008, she said "DaDa" and "MaMa", respectively. I can't say that she says them ALL the time... but she does say 'em. I'm still not too sure she knows what they mean/that it is US or not... but like others have told me... I guess it is Possible! :) It feels great to hear her say MaMa! lol.. Another "new" thing to her is SITTING UP!!! On 11.3.2008, Raegan sat up ALL BY HERSELF for a WHOLE 30-45 seconds playing with her toys and, of course, watching TV. lol... She can now sit up for quite a while. She sat up for most of Jym's basketball scrimmage this past weekend, and she LOVES to sit up and watch Max and laugh at his barking. (Her Daddy and I don't seem to think his barking is all that funny! lol...) She's also started MANY new foods, and seems to like them all. Her favorites for the time being are Apples with Blueberries and Squash. She has been teething, or going through the "teething process" now for about 3 months. It is literally wearing me out! lol.. Momma's ready for some TEETH!! lol... Every once in a while I'll feel little spots on her gums where I think one MIGHT come through... but the next time I feel... It's GONE!! UGH! Just come in already! lol.. At least she's taking it like a trooper. She hasn't gotten all that grouchy or even "sickly" like I've been told happens. (Watch... I just jinxed us!) She still has those BIG BLUE eyes that either came from her Daddy or her Pa (My dad)... No one else has those eyes! We hope they stay... They, along with her long eyelashes, are so beautiful... We've been told numerous times by complete strangers, that we are gonna have our hands full when she is a teenager and starts dating... UGH... A whole other time I don't want to think about!! All is going pretty great in the Dennis Household... Hope all is great else where!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys!!

Just wanted to stop in and say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone. I LOVE Halloween. It is definately my favorite Holiday. Raegan, as you all know, was a bumble bee. We didn't go out trick-or-treating, seeing as how she is still pretty "little" for it. Her PaPa and PaDon came into town and her Aunt Angel and her cousin, Skyler, came over and we took pictures of the girls in their costumes and PaPa and PaDon gave them both some candy! (Momma sure is enjoying Raegan's Tootsie Rolls!!) After pictures, Raegan, Jym's parents, and I loaded up and headed off to the football game in Eden so Raegan could cheer for her Daddy!! She was a GREAT little girl... (Surprise, surprise... right?) She got a little tired, and slept for most of the first second quarter, but woke up in a great mood and watched the rest of the game... and slept the whole way home. Now she is wide awake, talking to me, waiting to see her Daddy! When we got home, I took some more pictures of her in her costume, this time with her pumpkin... and Max. We tried to get a good picture of Raegan and Max last night (My Mom and Dad bought him an ADORABLE bumble bee suit to match Raegan's!!) We got a couple of good ones, but I got an AWESOME one tonight! I guess I can add tonight to Raegan's list of "Firsts"... Sadly, her first major holiday of her lifetime is over... (or will be in 15 minutes or so....) I can't believe how fast the time FLIES by!


Raegan's 6 Month-Old Pictures

Raegan's 6 Month-Old Pictures

The "Babcock Pink Dress" Picture

Christmas Dress

Raegan's 4-Month-Old Pictures

Raegan's 4-Month-Old Pictures

Raegan's 2-Month-Old Pictures

Raegan's 2-Month-Old Pictures